• West Science Law and Human Rights

    Launched in 2022, the Journal of Human Rights Law Review seeks to increase awareness, knowledge, and discussion of legal issues and human rights policy. Academically focused, the Review also appeals to the wider human rights community, including those in government, intergovernmental and non-governmental circles concerned with law, policy, and fieldwork. Review of original published articles on human rights issues in their global or national context, considered from an international or comparative legal perspective.

  • West Science Accounting and Finance

    Journal of Accounting & Finance is a scientific publication published by Westscience Press, which aims to be a creative forum for academics, professionals, researchers, and students in the fields of Accounting and Finance including the fields of Auditing, Accounting Information Systems, Corporate Governance, Taxation, and Accounting. International, Management Accounting, Behavioral Accounting, Capital Market, and so on. The topics that are becoming increasingly widespread in the field of accounting research studies are accommodated in this publication. Westscience Accounting and Finance has been in publication since 2023 publishing original papers, review papers, conceptual frameworks, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, technical notes, and book reviews.

  • West Science Business and Management

    The Editors invite writers and experts to publish and share their ideas through scientific and empirical research in the field of Management and Business. The main objective of this publication is to improve theory, concept, and practice in the field of management and business. Dissemination of research will enable researchers, and practitioners to present and share their scientific empirical findings. We will be the bridge between theory and practice in management and business.

    The participation of well-known international experts on the editorial board is a guarantee of the sustainability and quality of publications as a contribution to the development of management and international business research. This will make it possible to introduce the latest empirical research findings to practitioners and academics. This journal will be of interest to both academics and practitioners. This journal is intended for researchers, lecturers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and practitioners.

  • West Science Journal Economic and Entrepreneurship

    Journal of Economics and Entrepreneurship published since 2023 by Westscience Press. Editors receive scientific articles from research results, surveys, and literature reviews closely related to the Economics and Entrepreneurship sectors. WSJEE is a peer-reviewed and open-access scientific magazine. Manuscripts of articles are published after going through a thorough peer-review process. Journal publications are managed by Westscience Press as the publisher.

  • West Science Interdisciplinary Studies

    Journal that publishes multidisciplinary research articles, which include: Humanities and social sciences, Business Economics, Cooperatives & Banking, Sharia Economics, Development Economics, HR Development, Taxation and Commercial Insurance. This journal is published by West Science Press.

  • West Science Nature and Technology

    This journal aims to present and explore the complex interrelationship between nature and technology in the evolving modern world. With an emphasis on understanding, sustainability, and innovation, the journal explores how technology can be used to understand nature, protect ecosystems, and create more sustainable solutions. The journal "West Science Nature and Technology" invites researchers, scientists, and technology practitioners to contribute to various disciplines, including environmental science, engineering, biology, etc. The journal is a platform for knowledge sharing, the latest research, and innovative ideas that can help guide humanity's journey toward a more balanced relationship with nature through technology.

  • West Science Agro

    West Science Agro is a scientific journal dedicated to exploring, discussing, and publishing current research in agriculture, agribusiness and agronomy. The journal aims to be a forum for agricultural researchers, scientists, and practitioners to share the latest knowledge, findings, and thoughts to improve productivity, sustainability, and efficiency in the agricultural sector.

  • West Science Islamic Studies

    Journal of Islamic Studies is an academic forum dedicated to understanding, digging, and discussing Islam, Islamic culture, and Islamic civilization in the context of the contemporary world. The journal aims to promote a deeper understanding of Islam and provide space for in-depth research in Islamic studies.

    The journal Islamic Studies invites writers, researchers, and scholars from various backgrounds to contribute to discussing Islam and these diverse related topics. With a focus on deep understanding, high-quality research, and intercultural dialogue, the journal aims to enhance the performance of Islam and enrich cross-cultural discussions about Islam in today's world.

  • West Science Social and Humanities Studies

    West Science Social and Humanities Studies is an academic journal that focuses on interdisciplinary research in the fields of social science, science, and humanities studies. The journal aims to present high-quality articles that make significant contributions to our understanding of society, culture, science, and human interaction in the Western world.

    Within this journal, authors from various disciplines are invited to share original research findings relevant to the social sciences, such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, political studies, economics, management, accounting and related fields. Additionally, the journal welcomes contributions from scientific studies, such as biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics, that are related to social and human contexts. The fields of humanities studies, including history, literature, art, philosophy, and culture, are also a primary focus of this journal.

  • West Science Information System and Technology

    West Science Information System and Technology is a scholarly journal dedicated to the exploration and advancement of knowledge in the field of information systems and technology. The journal aims to publish high-quality research articles that contribute significantly to the understanding and development of information systems and technologies in the Western world.

    The journal covers a wide range of topics related to information system design, development, implementation, and management. It encompasses areas such as information systems development methodologies, database management systems, information technology infrastructure, enterprise systems, decision support systems, information systems security and privacy, human-computer interaction, and ethical and social implications of information systems.